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From Christopher Crowhurst's blog It's worth a view. "A Trifecta of Qajaq USA events"

Just returned from Delmarva, another great year catching up with old friends and making new ones. Thanks to all that made it possible. We are already making plans for next year!

- Anita

Wonderful weekend and like being a kid at camp....I missed waking up in my treehouse this morning and hearing the breakfast bell...and now I'm cubed. But...2015 is on the calendar! Thank you.

- Kathy

Wow... thanks for organizing a great weekend. What a trip! I was able to do back braces, side skulls, and my standard roll like a dream...maybe there is a skin on boat in my future. The guide format was ideal. I was able to pick up small trick from lots of different instructors as well as work closely with one or two. The guide format also allowed me to work on my own and fine tine the few basic things I was trying to learn as well.

- Henry Coffee

It was a great experience and I know many of my friends will be wanting to come next year. I will always cherish my trip to Delmarva. Three days wasn't long enough we want a four day experience next year:-)

- Steve McAllister

I had a wonderful time, it's a great event. I very much look forward to next year when I'll be sure to show up in full regalia with my own SOF boat...

- Jed Luby II

As for Delmarva, I'm still high from it! It is a lot to absorb on many levels and the best way to handle it is to go out rolling, which is what I did.

- Diane Carr

Just wanted to join the long list of people in expressing my thanks for a wonderfully organized Delmarva 2005. We are already looking forward to 2006.

-Anita Sementilli

...the retreat was great! My club is still raving about it.

- Arthur Russo

... I really can't think of anything that could have been improved on.

- Alison Sigethy

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