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Peter's Shorts

(aka -Delmarva Paddlers' Retreat Short Film Festival )

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening look for short videos to keep us entertained.  Peter is always looking for more!

See our FaceBook page and look for Peter's posting under "Recent Posts" for past examples and more info.


Or look to the Gallery and see Peter's videos from previous years. 

  • Put your creative hat on and get out there and start filming (then editing ~)

  • Looking for kayak related short films, preferably under 5 minutes if possible.
    subjects to consider:

    1. scenic

    2. trip/documentary

    3. instructional

    4. humor

    5. creative

  • All entries should be provided on DVD's. (check it in your player to make sure it plays). This will give us the best quality movie to play. Assuming we're not overwhelmed we should be able to show them all. There may be awards...... ; )

  • You do not need to attend to submit a film (although we'd love to have you). We would like to have received all films by Sept 21st via mail.


We can't wait to see what we get from this community of creative energetic people .....

Questions? Contact: Peter Gengler 79 Perryville Road, Rehoboth Ma, 02769 (Note, that's Rehoboth Massachusetts, Not Delaware )

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