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2023 Special Guests

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat continues its commitment to reaching out across borders to paddlers who are making a difference in the paddling community, especially the traditional community.

Jeff Atkins

Jeff was with us last in 2022, we're happy to have him back. 


Paddlesports instructor, outdoor guide and adventure lover!

After a successful career as a Park Ranger, Jeff is now retired from public service, but continues to work as an outdoor industry professional. He loves coaching and leading trips. As an Instructor for the NC Outward Bound School, he leads expeditions around several parts of the USA. Jeff also holds several certifications including Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Master Educator, and Coastal Master Naturalist for SC. Paddlesports is his passion and he loves to spread the “infectious” recreation activity to others. He believes in having fun and helping others to expand their confidence and skills by while learning. “There is nothing like the feeling of seeing a person smile because they just did something they didn’t think they could do”.


We kind of claim Dubside as one of our own. We saw him in Philly practicing rolls in a wide folder back in 2000. A quiet kind of guy back then, he couldn’t convince Robin to let him come to Delmarva that year. But he’s now been with us since 2001 (yes that’s him in the photo circa 2001). Who knew this mild manner sound man would become Super Roller Man. He’s still Dubside to us though. Visit the website he helps with, Qattaarneq.

TIPS had him described best so we will just pass on their bio: On instructional DVDs, on the internet and especially in person Dubside makes kayak rolling, traditional Greenland rope gymnastics and kayak yoga look unbelievably easy. His one-of-a-kind persona, infectious enthusiasm and unpretentious demeanor have become an annual feature at numerous padding events and gatherings for many years. He started competing at the Greenland Championships in 2004 and has been a competition judge since 2010. He has also taken his unique folding kayak to Japan, Spain, Sweden, and Greenland

Don't miss

The Dubcast With Dubside


Anders Thygesen

Anders Thygesen is Danish, but has lived in Norway since 1992. He founded Kajakkspesialisten in 1996 and since then has worked on building traditional kayaks, teaching others to build traditional kayaks and giving kayak technique courses. Anders was educated as an outdoors guide at Hagskolen-i-Telemark, and spent 3 years studying as an arts & crafts teacher. He has been involved with the Norwegian Canoe Association since 1998 as a member of Technical Committee for Sea Kayaking. Among other duties he has been responsible for the sea kayak instructor education program in the Norwegian Canoe Association. Anders has helped create numerous great videos, including this one with perhaps the best explanation of why we use the Greenland paddle we’ve heard. It’s really worth a view: The Greenland Style Paddle. Also, don’t miss his  A 1000 Hands Ago Video.

Jannie Heegaard.jpg

Jannie Heegaard

Jannie is danish but lives in Norway with Anders where she also works for Kajakkspesialisten. She is a BCU4 leader, the first women to become a danish sea kayak level 3 coach and is also an open canoe instructor. Recently she started SUP paddling and is currently building her first SOF SUP board. A sea kayak instructor since 2004, and since 2008 she has worked in Denmark, Norway and Italy to create sea kayaking symposia and workshops directed specifically toward women. She build her first SOF Qajaq in 2004 and has also built an iqyax. She loves working with the Greenland paddle or the Aleut paddle and has a great passion for traditional kayaking in general.  She loves to roll, to teach rolling and to teach others to teach. She has a unique talent for teaching in creative ways with class titles such as “Fun with the Greenland paddle” and “Kayak Ballet”. She holds a bachelor degree in sports science and outdoor life and holds a major in general education.

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