2021 will be announced soon!
But here's who was here in 2019.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat continues its commitment to reaching out across borders to paddlers who are making a difference in the paddling community, especially the traditional community.

20121 Update; 

Susan has embarked on another adventure up the coast from Seattle to Alaska. Sign up for her blog at https://www.susanmarieconrad.com/blog

Susan Conrad

Susan Conrad is an adventurer, writer, educator, and speaker. She’s also an accomplished paddler, she’s been paddling for over 25 years and has an ACA Level IV Open Water Coastal Certification. Her combined passions have lead to publication in many magazines, newspapers, guidebooks- and now- her debut memoir.

In spring 2010, with her world scaled down to an 18-foot sea kayak and a 1,200- mile ribbon of water known as the Inside Passage, she launched a journey of the sea and soul that took her both north to Alaska and inward, as she discovered the depths of her own strength and courage.

Delmarva will be selling copies of her book she will graciously sign as a fundraiser for Delmarva. 

Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson is the owner of Greenland or Bust. Helen is internationally known for her rolling and traditional skills instruction. She has traveled to Greenland several times to participate in the Greenland National Kayaking Championship and/or to guide expeditions on the east, south and/or west coasts. She finds Greenland magical, and loves to chat with people about her experiences there. Helen performs rolling demonstrations, presentations and instructs at events worldwide. She is the organizer of the US Storm Gathering Symposium.

Helen has two DVDs, Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson and Yoga for Outdoor People, and has written skills articles and features for several publications; including Sea Kayaker Magazine, The Masik, Ocean Paddler Magazine and Canoe & Kayak. She is on the Board of Directors and the Secretary of Qajaq USA, and will be transitioning into the President role in October. She is also the Editor of Qajaq USA’s publication, The Masik, and is the head of Qajaq USA's Outreach Committee.

Helen is an ISKGA Coastal Guide and an ACA Instructor with an ACA Rolling Endorsement. She holds the DGI Certification (Denmark coach certification) and is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) and a Wilderness First Responder. She is also the Curriculum Publications Managing Editor and a Field Instructor for NOLS.

For more, visit www.greenlandorbust.org.

Anders Thygesen

Anders’ kayak building class is coming back by popular demand. But this time he’s replaced that old assistant he had last time with Jennie Heegaard. A big improvement. The old guy will still be used as the gofer though. See the the kayak build workshop page for more details. (ed. The class is filling very nicely, space is of course limited registration is open for the class.)

Anders Thygesen is Danish, but has lived in Norway since 1992. He founded Kajakkspesialisten in 1996 and since then has worked on building traditional kayaks, teaching others to build traditional kayaks and giving kayak technique courses. Anders has 3 years of education as an outdoors guide from Telemark Høgskole, and 3 years of education as an arts & crafts teacher. He has been involved with the Norwegian Canoe Association since 1998 as a member of Technical Committee for Sea Kayaking. Among other duties he has been responsible for the sea kayak instructor education program in the Norwegian Canoe Association. Anders showed us this video and about half way through it there is perhaps the best explanation of why we use the Greenland paddle we’ve heard. It's worth a view. The Greenland Style Paddle

Don't miss his  A 1000 Hands Ago Video too

Jannie Heegaard

Endorsed by Jean and Ragnar Midtskogen and some guy named Anders, and everyone at Delmarva and now TIPS. She returns again to Delmarva both to mentor but more importantly this year to help Anders in the Kayak Build Workshop. 

Jannie has been seakayaking for almost 2 decades and instructing since 2004. She’s Denmark’s first female Level 3 coach and has been involved with the Arctic Women’s Playground Symposium for the last three years. She has mostly coached in Denmark and Norway, working both as an assessor, coach and trainer. She is a BCU 4 star and has been closely involved in implementing the Euro Paddle Pass system in Denmark.

Jannie is a teacher by trade. Look for her to bring a funny and creative workshop focusing on solid paddling technique, using less power, and paddling more efficiently. In recent years she has been working with kayak ballet – inspired by freestyle canoeing – to motivate people to dance with their kayak and make lazy perfectionists out of everybody. She wants to make people do really funny paddling strokes in order to make their “brains go crazy” and have them laugh a lot – all while learning new things about themselves and their own personal Body-Boat-Blade (Stick). Jannie will help you with the mental side of paddling, especially with female paddlers, and is currently working on a ‘yoga with a stick’ workshop… “simply because I love yoga… and love my Greenland paddle”.  


We kind of claim Dubside as one of our own. We saw him in Philly practicing rolls in a wide folder back in 2000. A quiet kind of guy back then, he couldn’t convince Robin to let him come to Delmarva that year. But he’s now been with us since 2001 (yes that’s him in the photo circa 2001). Who knew this mild manner sound man would become Super Roller Man. He’s still Dubside to us though. Visit the website he helps with, Qattaarneq.

TIPS had him described best so we will just pass on their bio: On instructional DVDs, on the internet and especially in person Dubside makes kayak rolling, traditional Greenland rope gymnastics and kayak yoga look unbelievably easy. His one-of-a-kind persona, infectious enthusiasm and unpretentious demeanor have become an annual feature at numerous padding events and gatherings for many years. He started competing at the Greenland Championships in 2004 and has been a competition judge since 2010. He has also taken his unique folding kayak to Japan, Spain, Sweden, and Greenland

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