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Peter's Delmarva-Flix

Peter's been making videos about our Delmarva Paddlers Retreat for many years. Many of these are collaborations with other videographers.

Delmarva Paddler's Retreat 2022

31st year of a non commercial gathering to exchange information and teach each other kayaking skills.

Since 2001, the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat has transformed to become the first all Greenland, traditional paddling event of its kind in the United States. It has increasingly moved towards an extended gathering of Greenland enthusiasts, sharing traditional skills, qajaq construction, and the implications of traditional origins on modern kayaking. The event includes, apart from instructional elements, distinguished invited speakers, and world class demonstrations and workshops.

Under license by Kayak Wars Media & Thygesen / Heegaard Worldwide Adventures. This show was produced on location at the 2019 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat. The true identities of the contestants has been kept secret for their legal protection and the fear of provoking an international incident.

With a lot of help from Mark Savage and Mike Hamilton,  The 2018 kayak builders forum was held Friday night. Left to right, Anders Thyegsen, Svend Ulstrup, Peter Strand, Vernon Doucette and Harvey Golden. A stellar all star cast.

Again with a lot of help from Mark Savage and many others 2018 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

2017 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

2017 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

on the ropes 

2017 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Anders' Kayak Build

2017 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat and overview of all the fun we have

Delmarva 2016

The Year of the Umiak

with John Pedersen

Delmarva 2015

2015 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Greenland Strokes forum

with John Pedersen

A little fun at the

2015 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Thank You Greenland

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