2002 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Thanks to all who sent many of these images.

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DMV 02b0003

DMV 02b0001

DMV 02a0013

DMV 02b0008

Dad aims harpoon

Katrina and her Dad

Jenny looking for ugly

DMV 02b0017

Dad aims harpoon 2

Dad throws

DMV 02b0012

DMV 02a0010

DMV 02a0017

DMV 02a0007

DMV 02b0011

DMV 02b0019

DMV 02b0010

DMV 02b0007

DMV 02b0004

DMV 02b0009

DMV 02b0020

DMV 02a0001

DMV 02b0005

DMV 02a0006

DMV 02b0006

DMV 02b0002

DMV 02a0009

DMV 02a0003

DMV 02a0004

Delmarva Paddler's Retreat

Lewes Delaware

Columbus Day Weekend

Info: info@delmarvapaddlersretreat.org