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Paddle Making with Don Beale

Additional $150 Registration

Carve your own Greenland Paddle with Master Carver Don Beale, and assistant Joanne Barta. Have your choice of Western Red Cedar or Cottonwood. The Cedar is softer and lighter, the cottonwood is stronger and more dense. For the class, you’ll need to wear closed-toed shoes. Each participant needs to bring two 4” or larger C-clamps. All the carving tools are provided. Plan on spending the full day with a 45 minute lunch break, and everyone will leave with a finished paddle, ready for use the next day. Email Don directly for individual sizing, or choose a small (85 x 19 x 3-1/4), medium (87 x 20 x 3-1/4), or large (89 x 21 x 3-1/4”). You will need to provide dimensions before September 6th. 

This class will begin at 9AM sharp on Friday. 

Anders showed us this video and about half way through it there is perhaps the best explanation of why we use the Greenland paddle we’ve heard. It's worth a view. The Greenland Style Paddle

Yoga with Jacquelyn Crowhurst and her assistant Christopher

open to all attendees before breakfast Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Jacquelyn and Christopher are certified yoga instructors and offer their services (Croga) to Qajaq USA events including Delmarva. They will be offering a hands on yoga workshop each morning, Friday through Sunday. Helping to prepare your body for a day of paddling and rolling. Starting out with a beginner level flowing vinyasa class aimed specifically to lengthen the muscles needed for efficient strokes and rolls. Over the weekend the practice will change to become more restorative as our bodies become tired from all the great mentoring afloat.

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