Here are a few things you MUST KNOW!  

We will be requiring that all participants be FULLY vaccinated for Covid

Please go to “Registration|Waivers” and PRINT out your waiver to sign and bring with you, if you have not already sent them in (thank you!). 

The weekend’s schedules will soon be posted Here   Schedules will be posted in the common areas and we’ll remind you about what’s going on each day, but if you’d like your own paper copy, please go to the website to print it out to bring with you. 

There’s also a ‘Delmarva Dictionary’ compiled by Dubside, to help you get “in the know” on some of the unique aspects of Greenland kayaking in general and Delmarva in particular.

Maps and a list of suggested things to bring can be found on the website.   .

So a few things to know about this year. It is doubtful that we will be able to have any international guests, including Canada, so we aren’t planning for that.

The new dining hall will be under construction in place of the old dining. Walt and Shawn (Big Jim’s replacement) feel very good about being able to serve us meals. They have several large groups in the weeks ahead of us and figure will they easily have the kinks worked out by the time we get there. But to help them out will be capping registration to 75 participants. 

The pavilion is finished (see photo above). It’s very nice and has a fire pit which will have a roof over it to allow socializing around it if it rains. The plan is to use it for meals. They may be able to get sides put on it, but we are not planning on it. By capping the numbers to 75 we can use the Quails Nest if necessary.

The new bathrooms south of the dining hall amongst the platforms are operational. Luxury Accommodations! Using the platforms over there will be a whole lot more convenient.

We will be emphasizing instruction, learning new skills and then using your new skills in a series of games and participation workshops. Jenny has some new ideas she can’t wait to try out.

Delmarva = Friends Having Fun!