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Anders' SOF Kayak Build
what to expect

Anders' kayak build workshop will give you the opportunity to learn the art of building your own skin on frame (SOF) kayak under his skilled mentorship. The early bird tuition of $2350 includes all materials and instruction to build a kayak with a sea sock and attendance at the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat so you can try out your new kayak. Housing is included the entire stay and meals are included during the retreat (Oct 5-8). After July 1, the tuition rises to $2600, so register early!

What to Expect:

Anders will be in touch with you prior to the class to help you determine the type of the kayak you're interested in building, including taking measurements and discussing possible options to personalize your kayak in form and function. Each participant will build their own SOF with his skillful supervision using simple hand tools such as planes, chisels, and small hand saws. While a working knowledge of hand tools is helpful, basic instruction and guidance in the use of each tool will be provided for those who are less familiar. The goal is for you to have a framed and skinned kayak at the end of the course, so expect six very long days of intense work in the boat shop. At the end of the class, Anders will guide you on how to complete final outfitting and finishing touches that remain to be worked on later.

Hand Tools:

Here is a complete list of tools needed by each participant. A PDF version is also available.

    2 sawhorses to support the kayak during construction (we have some available to borrow for those traveling a distance)


    1 small hand saw - small Japanese saws work fine


    1 small surface/block plane


    1 spokeshave


    1 hammer


    1 pair of pliers to pull out little temporary nails

    1 combination or tri-square

    1 adjustable T-bevel for drawing different angles

    Battery-powered cordless drill - light duty is fine

    Utility knife - Anders will have Mora Knives available for purchase


    Cabinet scraper and/or sand paper, 80 and 120 grit

    3-6' pieces of medium thickness rope or 3 kayak straps - for tying/strapping your kayak to the sawhorses

    As many little clamps as possible!

If you have any questions about the tools or any aspect of the build class, please feel free to contact us at


Registration for the SOF Building with Anders is now closed

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