Anders' kayak build workshop will give you the opportunity to learn the art of building your own skin on frame kayak. The price of $1975.00 includes lodging at the camp during building experience from your arrival Friday evening Oct 4th until Sunday afternoon Oct 13th and full participation at the Retreat. We want you to be sure to enjoy your new Skin on Frames as soon as you can. Meals will be provided from Thursday breakfast through Sunday lunch. You will have a kitchen to use until then. Last time Anders organized a nice mix of slipping out to one of our great area restaurants and cooking on site.

One big difference this year from the last time is the addition of Jannie Heegaard as the build assistant. She helps Anders in Norway and could teach the class on her own. 

The course is given in the best tradition of the Inuits, where the art is passed on from person to person. The course includes the opportunity to personalize the kayak as you wish, both in form and function. Each participant builds their own SOF under supervision. You will be using simple hand tools such as planes, chisels, and small hand saws. While a working knowledge of hand tools is of course helpful, instruction on the basic use of the tools will be provided for those who are less familiar with their use. The course will be an intense 6 days of work. The goal is for you to finish a completed skin on frame kayak and to use it during the Retreat. You may need to spend 5-10 hours afterwards sanding, polishing, painting and performing other finishing touches to refine your fit out.

What to expect:

Here is an extended list of tools needed for each SOF built in class, a PDF version is available on the website:


  • 2 sawhorses to support the SOF during construction (we have some for those coming a distance.)

  • 1 small saw mainly for cutting (small Japanese saws work fine)

  • 1 small surface/block plane

  • 1 spokeshave

  • 1 hammer

  • 1 pair of pliers to pull out little temporary nails

  • 1 combination or tri-square

  • 1 adjustable T-Bevel- for drawing different angles

  • a battery powered cordless drill. Light duty is fine.

  • knife, Anders will have Mora Knives available for purchase

  • pencils

  • cabinet scraper and/or sand paper 80 and 120 grit

  • 3-6' pieces of medium thickness rope or 3 kayak straps for holding down your kayak to the sawhorses

  • as many little clamps as possible


The Manor house at Camp Arrowhead will be your place to stay for the build. It has a kitchen. You can use it to cook your food, organize a big group meal, or head out to one of our many excellent area restaurants. Those new to the Camp it is bunk house style. Ladies on one side, guys on the other. There are tent platforms close by that can be used for camping and the bath house will be open along with the facilities at the Manor house. More info is on or website under “participant’s info”.

Unfortunately come Thursday we will need to relocate you to your choice of Retreat lodgings as the Manor House then becomes headquarters for the Qajaq USA board members and the meetings. But by then Big Jim will be cooking at the dining hall.

Registration for the SOF Building with Anders is open, Includes attendance at Delmarva