What's Happening this year at Delmarva

Some of things we will be doing this year.

  • With great disapointment we have to announce that Anders' Iqyax (Baidarka) building class at Delmarva has been postponed until Sept 30- Oct 8th of 2017. Email us if you are interested.
  • Everything else and more is still on!
  • John Pedersen is returning. Look for mentor training offerings with him on Thursday including some open water sessions. More info under the schedule section.
  • Greg Stamer will be joining us.
  • Don Beale’s paddle making class will be back. Joanne Barta will be replacing that old grey beard we had helping him this year. This class is open to non-attendees.
  • The kayak build competition is back. We are sure this will become an annual Delmarvalous event.
  • Tentative Class schedules and descriptions have been posted! Mike's got this!
  • Crazy as a Bat Ralph Young is building a 20' Umiak replica
  • Kiliii Yuyan is doing a skin on frame class at CBMM right before this year's Retreat and will be joining us at Delmarva. He has a very special presentation he will be doing, don't miss it.
  • And this is only the beginning, more updates will be posted as they come together.

Registration is still open but will be closing Sept 30th.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Arctic Autumn

Just a little teaser of some of Kiliii's photography.


Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Greg Stamer will be our Guest

Greg Stamer
Greg Stamer

Greg has been a regular at Delmarva, especially in the early years of Qajaq USA. We are pleased to confirm that he will be our guest this year. Greg Stamer is the founder and past-president of Qajaq USA. Greg has over twenty years experience using Greenland-style paddles and equipment and credits John Heath and Greenland Champion Maligiaq Padilla as his primary mentors..

Be sure to vist out 2016 Guest page to see more about our other guests including Kiliii and Dubside

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

A Thousand Hands Ago

Anders will be bringing his Iqyax (Baidarka) building class to Delmarva. The class will take place the week before and begin September 30, 2017 and go through October 7th or 8th if needed. Email us if you are interested. Signup for this class closes August 15th 2017.

=====A Thousand Hands Ago=====

A short film about of recalling the knowledge of long dead craftsmen.

Over the course of three days, Danish kayak builder Anders Thygesen builds an Aleutian iqyax by the shore of his local lake. He reflects on the process of learning these skills from masters whom he has never met.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

The 2015 Kayak Build Competition

Ralph Young has done a film on the 1st Annual Kayak Build Competition.

=====Thank You Ralph=====


Delmarva Paddlers Retreat Kayak Build from Ralph Young on Vimeo.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Videos and Photo Albums

If you haven't seen Peter Gengler's tribute to this year's Delmarvalous Paddlers Retreat you must take a moment.2015 Delmarva Paddler's Retreat

=====Thank You Gengler=====


DJ has links to  his wonderful images posted on his Favebook page. 2015 Images from DJ


Catriona has been collecting participant's photo posting on our FaceBook page. Delmarva on FaceBook

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat