Another succesful Delmarva is over, Thank You

The Mentors were fantastic, the participants even better. You all make it worthwhile.

 Special thanks to John Pedersen for coming back a second year to make sure we all fully understood the Greenland paddle stroke. I think everyone enjoyed it and the photographers amongst us certainly are going to use his hunting stroke for getting closer to our subjects.

 Please check out our Lost and Found section if you are missing anything or send us an email.

 We had to postpone Anders' Iqyax (baidarka) build class this year to next year. Anders has already rebooked his flight and wants to add the option of building a Greenland qajaq too, so you will have a choice of build options that fit you. Ralph Young, having got the Umaik out of his system we think, has offered to be his assistant. There are limited slots for this class and registration will open after the first of the year. Details will be posted on the website but the dates are Sept 3 – Oct 7th. If you are interested send us an email.

 The 29th Annual Delmarva Paddlers Retreat will be on Columbus Day weekend Oct 5-8, 2017

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

A Thousand Hands Ago

Anders will be bringing his Iqyax (Baidarka) building class to Delmarva. The class will take place the week before and begin September 30, 2017 and go through October 7th or 8th if needed. Email us if you are interested. Signup for this class closes August 15th 2017.

=====A Thousand Hands Ago=====

A short film about of recalling the knowledge of long dead craftsmen.

Over the course of three days, Danish kayak builder Anders Thygesen builds an Aleutian iqyax by the shore of his local lake. He reflects on the process of learning these skills from masters whom he has never met.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

The 2015 Kayak Build Competition

Ralph Young has done a film on the 1st Annual Kayak Build Competition.

=====Thank You Ralph=====


Delmarva Paddlers Retreat Kayak Build from Ralph Young on Vimeo.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Videos and Photo Albums

If you haven't seen Peter Gengler's tribute to this year's Delmarvalous Paddlers Retreat you must take a moment.2015 Delmarva Paddler's Retreat

=====Thank You Gengler=====


DJ has links to  his wonderful images posted on his Favebook page. 2015 Images from DJ


Catriona has been collecting participant's photo posting on our FaceBook page. Delmarva on FaceBook

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat