2013 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat Slideshow

Many of you saw that guy in black running around all weekend with 1-2 gigantic cameras in front of his face. That was DJ Manalo. You can check out his gorgeous photos here.  DJ is a paddler who wanted to come to Delmarva. Since we are historically late in getting our photos into the gallery we asked him if he would take over this year.  Once we saw his work we gave him front page billing.  Enjoy.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Thank You All

WOW, what a time it was.  Kathy said it best on our FaceBook page ”That was so much fun it doesn't seem legal... I am so sore I could barely make it up the stairs at work this morning and I CANNOT wait for 2014!  It was great to meet you all...”

Thank you all for being good sports about the 5 day long Nor’easter that beset us.  Alison moved mentor schedules around.  Robin adjusted the event schedule and who would have thought that classes on paddling a GP like a wing or a how to use and make videos with a Go Pro would be so popular at a Traditional Kayaking event.  But they were and we all had fun.  Thank you Greg and Peter for stepping up.  And what a job Jenny did completely changing Palo’s Wedding to a land and pool venue. It came off like she had been planning it for months.

Eiichi flew all the way from Japan and gave  a wonderful presentation Saturday night, but even better was his just being there and interacting with the participants.  Dympna, James, and James (Dympna and the James Gang?) came on down from Canada, saw something of the great folks we have here paddling traditional in the USA and took ideas and a Fred Randal built SOF, back north to expand the discipline in our northern neighbor.

We asked budding amateur photographer DJ Manalo to take some photos.  I had no idea he had that much gear.  He and Catriona are working on the Event photo gallery.  In perhaps the worst kept secret he has been sharing with us his initial images.  They are spectacular.   Terry O, he has you down or should we say hosed, that’s all we are going to say.  Stay tuned.

Thank you all for your generosity at the auctions and raffles, both in donations and purchases.  Stellar hand made items abounded.  The raffle table itself had many fine items on it.  The proceeds ensures we’ll be around next year with more international guests. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

See you all next year.  Robin and Chris

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Article in Delmarva Beach Life

We must have made it big time -we're in a mainstream publication! You'll need to go to their site to read about our article in Delaware Beach Life.   Marla Aron's photos of Rosanna Lovecchio graces the opening page of the piece.

Delmarva Paddler's Retreat
Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

What is Delmarva?


Foremost it is about mentoring.

Passing on and learning traditional skills.  30+ rolls to choose from, strokes, safety on the water and harpoon tossing





    And we have workshops and demonstrations like tool exploration and paddlemaking.




Dana is doing another Akuilisaq sewing session. Worth doing just because she makes it so much fun. Please see our Workshop section under “Event Information” for more details.

 Mostly it’s about having fun.


 Games, presentations, ropes with the Side Bros. (That’s Dubside and Dave Sides)






There will be demonstrations of qajaq skinning and repair.



  And everyone gets into Peter’s Shorts. See below. 

And it all takes place at a quiet private youth camp on the water.  Good vittles too. Did we mention Jim’s sticky buns. Hmmmmm

Need more information, please look under our “Event Information” section.


Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

"Getting into Peter's Shorts" is returning for 2013

(aka -Delmarva Paddlers' Retreat Short Film Festival )
We understand that Peter is recovering well from his recent spill on a mountain bike.  We look forward to seeing him healthy again soon. 
A short video to Peter from everyone at HRGF ( Get Well Peter).
        Friday evening, or maybe Saturday
  • Put your creative hat on and get out there and start filming (then editing ~)
  • Short Film FestivalLooking for short films, within reason under 5 minutes if possible.
    subjects to consider:
    1. scenic
    2. trip / documentary
    3. instructional
    4. humor
    5. creative
  • All entries should be provided on DVD's. Assuming we are not overwhelmed we should be able to show them all. There may be awards...... ; )
  • You do not need to attend to submit a film (although we'd love to have you there). We would like to have received all films by Sept 21st via mail. Again, DVD format (check it in your player to make sure it plays). This will give us the best quality movie to play.

At the 2011 Festival we had 5 films, and more in 2012, all of which were enjoyed!! 

In 2010 we showed this piece and that has led to the idea of doing the festival. Perhaps this will get you thinking ( Yak #9 on Vimeo ).

We can't wait to see what we get from this community of creative energetic people .....

A teaser:  Peter put this together while entertaining his new granddaughter.
Delmarva Paddler's Retreat 2011 https://vimeo.com/48673757
Questions? Contact: 79 Perryville Road, Rehoboth Ma, 02769 (Note, that's Rehoboth Massachusetts, Not Delaware )
Delmarva Paddlers Retreat