Anders' Kayak Build 2019


No Kayak build for 2021, But here's what happened in 2019

Anders kayak building class is coming back by popular demand. Click on the image above for Peter Gengler's time-lapse of Anders' last kayak build at Delmarva. The class will take place the week before the main event beginning October 5th and going through October 10th and we expect you to have a kayak to use Friday to use at Delmarva. Email us if you are interested. Signup for this class closes August 20th 2019.

Anders is an accomplished expedition kayaker and so to support his habit (and the family) Anders also builds kayaks and makes paddles in Norway. A favorite guest at Delmarva he and Jannie Heegaard will be at Delmarva in 2019 teaching kayaking building. 

We will be offering both traditional Greenland qajaqs and iqyax (aka the baidarka)

Below is one of Anders many informative videos. See more of what he does at Kajakkspesialisten (don't miss his blog) and at Norwegian Wood Paddles. Grab a beer or wine before you sit down, you won't want to stop looking at all of his videos.