33rd Annual Delmarva Paddler Retreat
 October 6-9, 2022
Here's what we are going to be doing
"Having Fun with Friends "
Class Descriptions, event Schedule and Special Guests have been updated.

Registration is Now Open!

Peter Gengler had an idea a few years ago about celebrating the real reason events like Delmarva exist, “It’s all about Friendships”. Coming off of two and a half years of Covid we thought this would be the perfect theme for our return to Delmarva. Thank you, Peter.














Given our general demographic and the close nature of rolling instruction we  will be following whatever the current CDC and DHSS guidelines will be at the time. 


Thank you for understanding. 

The new dining hall we be completed. Walt and Shawn (Big Jim’s replacement) will be serving us meals. You can see the progress of this beautiful Post and Beam structure in this Vimeo Video. It will have heat and bathrooms!

The pavilion is finished (see photo above). It’s very nice and has a fire pit which will have a roof over it to allow socializing around it if it rains.  

The new bathrooms south of the dining hall amongst the platforms, near the Bird Cage, are operational. Luxury Accommodations! Using the platforms over there will be a whole lot more convenient.

We will be emphasizing instruction, learning new skills and then using your new skills in a series of games and participation workshops. Jenny has some new ideas she can’t wait to try out.

Delmarva = Friends Having Fun!

Our Special Guest page is taking shape. We are glad to announce the return of Jeff Atkins. Mike will be putting him to work that's for sure.  Others to be added shortly. 

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CJB_0352 (Large).JPG

Another successful Delmarva (2019) is behind us.
Thank you all.

Where do we start? 8 gorgeous kayaks were built and launched. The workshops were exceptional. The on water classes were well received. The weather wasn’t perfect but was very workable. Susan Conrad was spotted several times having too much fun. Sign up for her newsletter and let her know we want her to return next year to tell us about her latest adventure.
Mike Hamilton keeps coming up with new ideas, we can't wait till next year. 

Have you seen Peter's Videos?

What if the kayak build was reality TV? Peter and Anders with help from their  friends have the answer!

And for good measure here's Peter's video tribute to Delmarva 2019

Snapshot 4 (7-29-2019 6-23 PM).png

2019's Special Guest Susan Conrad,

a confused woman and who can't make that final commitment to go with Greenland.

We're going to have to help her out.

Click the image to hear her tell about it.

Accomplished paddler and writer Susan Conrad will be our Special Guest this year. A ‘Women Who Paddle Ambassador’, among many other paddling achievements she has paddled the Inside Passage and written a book about it. She’ll be our presenter Friday night, ‘Get Outside, Find Your Inside’. She wants to learn the Greenland paddle. We think she’s coming to the right place. We will have copies of her book on hand for purchase as a fundraiser for Delmarva. 

2018 peters video.JPG

2018 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat


Just a little reflection on the 30th Annual Delmarva. Peter couldn't make it but with a lot of help from his friends he still put this together.

Go to our Peter's Delmarvalous Videos page and see some more of Peter's Videos.


2018 Delmarva Builders Forum


We had some of the skin on frame kayak builders in the world at Delmarva last year. Anders Thygesen-Norway, Svend Ulstrup-Denmark, Peter Strand-Georgia, Vernon Douchette-New Foundland, and Harvey Golden-Washington.


Go to our Peter's Delmarvalous Videos page and see some more of Peter's Videos

Snapshot 4 (7-29-2019 6-23 PM).png


Need some motivation to sign up, click on the image above.

Go to our Peter's Delmarvalous Videos page and see some more of Peter's Videos

Snapshot 4 (7-29-2019 6-23 PM).png

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat 2018 is over and it was one of the best and from the feedback so far it looks like that was pretty much a unanimous consensus.

Well Done Mike and the rest of the Team!