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34th Annual Delmarva Paddlers Retreat October 5-8, 2023

Regular registration for the main event is open!
You can register

Hurry, registration closes on Sept 15!

This year, the retreat will feature:

  • a training-intense format: rolling, strokes and rescues

  • Paddle carving with Don Beale on Friday

  • Special guest presenter Paninnguaq Korneliussen

  • Ander’s Qajaq Building class is also returning to Delmarva. 

The build class will begin early Saturday Sept 30.
Participants can begin arriving Friday afternoon, Sept 2
The Build Registration is closed.

The Delmarva Paddlers Retreat is an annual gathering of Greenland-style sea kayakers on the western shore of Rehoboth Bay in Lewes, DE. There we gather to celebrate the origins of kayaking and to hone traditional kayaking techniques and skills. Whether you are looking to learn your first kayak roll, or develop an understanding of advanced traditional techniques, the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat is the place to do it.

Delmarva 2022 is in the books.

Thank You All

One of the best ever. Beautiful weather, a new and greatly improved dining hall and a new pavilion all adding to the experience. The roots of Delmarva go back to 1988 when the owners of the Millpond Paddler, Charlie and Cindy Cole, saw a need to provide sea kayaking instruction to their customers. I was told in 1999 by some sea kayakers paddling in through the Indian River Inlet they considered it the premier instructional event on the east coast. With the quality of instruction shown this year Delmara is certainly continuing that tradition, Greenland style. It was great to see many new participants mixing in with the veterans, all enjoying themselves.

The event is in good hands with Sue and Mike leading their team of volunteers to run this event. They really have been doing it for the past couple of events anyway. Abbie has taken over the website, Catriona still maintains the Facebook page, plus Laura, Jane, Ben, Liz and Kathy all helping out as needed. John Huber has taken over managing the fleet and helping with the Qajaq builds. I look forward to seeing Delmarva continue and grow. Delmarva is in good hands.

It’s time for me to get out of their way and participate as a kayaker.

See you on the water. Chris

CJB_0352 (Large).JPG

Have you seen Peter's Videos? Here's his tribute to 2022.

What if the kayak build was reality TV?
Peter and Anders with help from their friends have the answer!

... and for good measure, here's Peter's video tribute to Delmarva 2019

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